Our first women’s cycling session

Thank you to everyone who came to the first Tameside Women’s Community Cycling Group event yesterday – everything was perfect, including the weather! It was not particularly hot or cold with just enough breeze to cool you down whilst cycling, but mild enough so that you’re not fighting it!

We were fully booked up and still can’t quite believe how much interest we had for this session. Because of the current situation we had to follow strict rules regarding numbers, so apologies to those we had to disappoint. However, we will be in touch with you directly about the next session!

It was so fantastic seeing so many women cycling together, having such a great time! I absolutely loved every moment of it!

So many smiles and moments of rediscovering why cycling is so much fun! Some of the ladies mentioned that they’ve not ridden in a long time, but as soon as they got on the bike, they were brilliant! They were so brilliant that we will definitely be planning our first 10K Breeze ride together much sooner than we thought!

The first event went brilliantly because of the wonderful women who joined us on the day including those who were volunteering at the event, our lovely TWCCG founding partner Louise O’Donnell, her confidence and positive energy is inspiring, my all time cycling heroine companion Ursula Harries from The Bike Hive, and the ever so vibrant Sarah Galligan with her infectious laugh, a fantastic Trek Women’s Advocate.

I’ll always be perpetually grateful to Ellen from Cycling UK and Beth from British Cycling for your continued support from the start!

We are now busy arranging the next session and will be in touch soon!


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  1. A big thank you to Atchara, Louise, Sarah and Ursula today for your bags of encouragement, warm welcome and making me feel I can do this. And I did manage to ride a bike again with all your support.
    Can’t wait for the next event.

    1. Thank you for joining us! It was lovely to meet you and we’re looking forward to seeing you again soon!

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